In the last 20 years, I have worked with a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds in the Chicago area, greater New York, and central Virginia. 

My primary tutoring area is Language Arts/English/writing. Currently I am working remotely for students aged 12+.  Please see the Services page for Coaching and Mentoring information.

Other experience includes high-performing yet perfectionist students, those on the autism spectrum, or students struggling to find motivation. I believe that all students want to learn, but they may become blocked along the way.

Wear the Right Hat

Frustrated Teen Final cropped

Writing doesn’t have to be a painful endeavor. Students may develop blocks during crucial academic periods, and the sooner these blocks are removed, the better. My experience with different age groups from middle school to college provides a unique perspective for development in this area.

Working as a writer, editor and writing instructor, I understand writing as a process. I tell my students that writers wear two hats: the creator and the editor. If they are censoring themselves too soon, they are wearing the “wrong hat.”

With any learner, I can strengthen weak areas such as critical thought, reading comprehension, literary analysis, essay organization, writing clarity, sentence level issues, and revision.

My strategy: After breaking down goals to smaller, more manageable portions, I provide accountability and feedback so that students complete their task and move toward autonomy.

Students also benefit from my focus and productivity tips, especially in regard to writing. I will provide empathetic guidance through each step of the process.

The most important factor in each session is that the student feels supported. I offer hour long sessions and small group sessions. Email me for a free 15 minute consultation.

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