I provide writing and Language Arts tutoring in person near Montclair, NJ, or via Skype/email.

One session may be all that is needed, or a student may need support for many years in the area of writing.

I assist with development in general, working to strengthen weak areas such as critical thought, reading comprehension, literary analysis, essay organization, writing clarity, sentence level issues, and revision.

A student may simply wish to complete a task or to grow as a reader or writer, and I can help with both. Many students become frustrated with English/Language Arts as a subject, and subsequently develop blocks that can result in lower grades and performance during crucial academic periods. The sooner these blocks are removed or prevented, the better.

I also help students understand the structure and reasons behind writing assignments. For younger students, such as those in grades 6-8, I will break the task down into manageable portions, which makes students less likely to procrastinate.

Students also benefit from my focus and productivity tips, especially in regard to writing. I will provide empathetic guidance through each step of the process.

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