Working virtually, I provide individual tutoring, coaching, and small group workshops.

For tutoring services, please see my Tutoring page.

Coaching services address concerns such as: time management, focus, and help navigating the frustrations of this difficult time.

Please find more on coaching here

Mentoring services involve a student who has a particular interest in writing, such as creative writing. Self-expression offers a powerful way to move through difficult experiences, and developing a talent boosts self-esteem and growth.

My approach involves a combination of tutoring, mentoring, and coaching. Today, students often struggle with issues like perfectionism, anxiety, and depression, which may be further compounded by our current unpredictable lives. With my background in education and counseling training, I can quickly assess a student’s state and determine a course of action.

For students in need of structure, I can also help with plans/activities to keep them engaged.

Issues I can address:

  • Time management, focus and motivation problems
  • Difficulty in Language Arts/English/Writing subject area
  • Dislike of writing
  • Strengthening critical thinking skills, especially before college
  • Review of essay drafts for high stakes assignments
  • Text comprehension issues
  • Addressing teacher feedback
  • Creating new success strategies
  • Empathy and guidance during the Covid crisis
  • Other school-related concerns

In each session, the most important factor is that the student feels supported. I offer hour long sessions, half hour sessions, and money saving packages. Email me for a free 15 minute consultation.

For students who enjoy reading, writing and literature, please see the Bibliotherapy page.