Why Choose Tara?


Professional Commentary:

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tara Moyle teach. She has an enthusiastic presence which claims the attention of even the most recalcitrant student. She delights in the text and inspires her students. Long may she continue to teach for us.”
–Excerpt from evaluation, William Paterson University

“In all, this was a successful class, and I was especially impressed by the many ways in which Prof. Moyle aims to help students see very clearly the role and value of literary study.”
–Excerpt from evaluation, Montclair State University 

Student Commentary:

  • “I have progressed not only as a writer, but also as a critical thinker…I hope to carry this success with me throughout college and wherever my career takes me.”
  • “I will never forget the “shish-kebab” thesis reference. It has helped me to write my other essays in a more focused manner.”
  • “Now I understand how to bring sources/outside material into my essays.”
  • “Thank you; you really helped me to become a better writer.”
  • “I feel I am a lot more prepared for the next few years of college due to taking your course.”
  • “I finally understand what the word ‘contestable’ means.”
  • “Writing essays was always difficult for me but now I feel much more confident.”
  • “This writing class has helped me transition from a high school amateur writer to a college level writer.”
  • “I felt like my development was natural and nothing really felt forced in any way.”




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