I provide writing and study skills coaching for students in middle school through college. Coaching may differ from tutoring in that a student may need general encouragement and guidance rather than help with specific assignments. Similarly, if you are an adult with a writing project you would like to begin or continue, I can help provide accountability and feedback so that you complete your task.

Bibliotherapy is another service described here.

Sometimes engagement is key, and I can help find a connection to the subject matter that will draw students in. Challenges may lie with reading comprehension, understanding assignments, writing difficulties, and grammar/sentence structure issues. Often some coaching is needed to move through a certain degree of frustration.

Boys and young men may especially struggle with these subjects. Find out more about this research here and  here.  A good deal of literary analysis involves empathy and reflection—skills that may develop earlier for girls than for boys. I understand I may be starting with an alienating subject and, using the student’s existing interests, will build competency and confidence.

Writing doesn’t have to be as painful as it is for many students. Focus can seem impossible, but learning how to sustain focus is a key skill that will help tremendously in college and beyond. I can provide time-saving and success-oriented tips from start to finish, so that your son or daughter performs at his or her best. Having worked with a wide range of students, I can quickly identify the block or obstacle and work to move through it.

I can also help with tips on how to navigate interactions with teachers, or how to help when a student doesn’t “click” with a teacher. Sometimes students just need to vent, but I can also provide insight on general teacher dynamics that may be baffling or frustrating for students. I will act as ally so that your son or daughter feels supported through a difficult subject or year.